fleas in your houseThis is an interesting question, How do you have fleas in your home if you don’t have pets. It may come as a surprise to some people that you don’t need pets to start a flea infestation in your home.

In fact there are many ways in which fleas can be brought into your home, to start with if you have recently moved into a new house the fleas might be already present.

Fleas could have been left by the previous owners who where pet owners, the fleas eggs could have been living in the carpet waiting to hatch when a new host moved in.

Fleas can be brought into a clean house in a number of ways, it could be the neighbourhood cats and dogs hanging around your property that start the infestation or wild animals like mice, rats and squirrels that bring fleas to your home.

Buying a piece of used furniture that is infested with fleas or flea eggs is another common way to get fleas in your home without owning a pet.

Visiting friends or family’s homes that have fleas is a simply way for the fleas to be transported back to your own home and its the same with public places that have flea infestations, they too could be the ideal way to bring back fleas to your home.

Fleas in the garden brought in by animals can easily be taken into the house by you or one of your family, a bit of gardening or relaxing in the sun is all it takes for a flea to attach itself to you.

Fleas are able to jump long distances so and animal scratching by an open door could be all that’s needed for a flea to jump into your house and play havoc.

As you can see there are many ways that fleas can enter your property but that’s not the end of it because these tiny parasites breed so rapidly that before you even know you have a problem with fleas you could have an infestation on your hands.

Have you got a flea problem

Knowing if you have a flea problem when you don’t have pets can be difficult as you wont have the tell tale sigh of your pet constantly scratching themselves. It maybe weeks after the first fleas entered your home before you start noticing them and then you are hit with a much bigger problem.

If you can catch and identify a flea in your home that will give you all the evidence you need but catching them can be tricky. They don’t have wings to fly away from you but they do have very strong legs that allow them to jump long distances.

What you are looking for is a tiny insect about 2.5mm long that’s flat with a hard brown shell and has six legs, try to trap one on a piece of clear sticky tape to stop it jumping away while you examine it.

You also need to look for eggs, larvae and pupae that are likely to be present in your home, the larvae is about 3mm long and is pale white in colour.

Flea bites

Another way of identifying if you have fleas in your home is flea bites. If you don’t have pets in your home the flea will feed of a human. If you have been bitten by a flea that’s another indication that there could be fleas present in your house.

Flea bites appear in small clusters and are red raised bumps with a hallow surrounding the bite and a single puncture wound in the center of the bite. They are usually found on the legs and feet as the fleas are living in the carpets but can also be found on any other part of your body.


This may sound strange but it can be harder to treat your home for fleas when you don’t have pets. Firstly because you don’t have pets the tell tale sign of a cat or dog scratching wont tell you that fleas have entered your home in the first place. From the time they entered to the time they are discovered they would have multiplied very rapidly.

If your neighbours pets are the source and are not treated then your home could be constantly attacked, the same goes for wild animals.

There are many treatments available to kill fleas both chemical and natural but finding the source is the only way to truly get to the bottom of your problem.

If you treated your home from top to bottom and eradicated all signs of fleas its not impossible for a pet free home to get another flea infestation in the future.

If you know the source its easy to eradicate but not knowing were the fleas came from in the first place can make it difficult.

If you know its coming from a neighbours pet that’s frequently seen in and around your property you could have a quite word, same goes for family and friends who have pets that you suspect have fleas.

At the end of the day having fleas when you don’t have pets is a real pain and something that you would not expect but unfortunately this is something that can and does happen.