Fleat treatmentsChoosing which flea treatment to use could be daunting so we’ve put together this guide of all the flea treatments available on the market today.

You will learn how they work, their advantages and also the disadvantages of using each products.

With so many flea remedies available it can be a bit confusing on which one to pick and which ones will really work.

This list I’ve put together should make it easier for you to decide what’s best to use for your specific situation.


Effective flea treatments for your pets

Flea drops

Lets start with flea drops, which i think is the most effective flea treatment available.This type of treatment kills the fleas as soon as it bites your pet and can also prevent the fleas from hatching from their eggs. It can also protect your pet from other pests such as ticks and mosquitoes.

Flea drops are an all round solution not just for killing existing fleas but for preventing new ones attacking your pet in their quest for its next meal.

Flea drops are applied to the neck of your pet just above the shoulders and it needs to be in contact with the skin to work.

You need to apply the drops monthly and they can take a couple of days to absorb into the skin so don’t go out in the rain after application as this could wash the drops off,  although if its dry you could take your pet outside as they don’t like the smell of the drops.

Also don’t touch the area were the drops were applied as it needs to be untouched for a period of time

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Flea shampoo

Using a flea shampoo is another popular way to get rid of fleas.

Fleas and flea eggs are washed of your pet as you give them a bath and the flea shampoo which contains chemicals will kill any of the remaining fleas.

As you would expect this type of treatment is best suited for dogs as they are quite happy in water whilst cats seem to hate water, but if you have a cat that is happy splashing about in water there’s no reason why you cant use this treatment for them.

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Flea powder

Next we have the flea powder which is another alternative in the fight against these pests.

The powder contains pesticides to kill the fleas and is applied directly to your pets fur. As long as it stays on your pet it will work but you have to make sure your pet doesn’t start liking the powder off.

This not only reduces the effectiveness of the powder but could cause breathing problems.

Cats are worst for licking but that doesn’t mean dogs wont lick the powder as well so pat attention when using this product.

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Flea collar

Then we have the flea collar that you can use on your cat or dog.

They don’t kill fleas but instead stop fleas attacking your pet in the first place.

The standard flea collar release pesticides all the time but there is an organic type that is much more healthier for your pet.

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Flea pills

If you want to go for the oral approach you can prevent fleas by using flea pills.

These pills are given orally and can be given with some food.

There are two types available, daily that actually kill all the living fleas on your pets body and monthly that prevents the growth of new fleas.

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Flea comb

For a safe and effective way to find and prevent fleas on your pets is to use a simple flea comb.

It couldn’t be easier to use, simply run it though your pets fur a few times and watch as it catches the fleas between its small teeth.

Not only does it catch live fleas it also removes flea eggs and flea dirt from your pet thus making it a excellent tool not just for identifying the problem but also getting rid of it

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Natural flea control

If your looking for a safe non toxic way to get rid of fleas you could try a natural flea control. These might not give you fast results but if you want to avoid chemical there well worth a try.

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Flea treatments for your home

Flea spray

The flea spray has to be one of the best flea treatments available for your home, not only will it kill all the living fleas it also stops the early stage of fleas from growing into adults.

Flea sprays have the chemical IRG which is short for insect growth regulator.

The flea spray is probably the best treatment for getting rid of any flea infestation.

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Flea bomb

When the infestation gets out of control you could consider using a flea bomb.

These are the mothers of flea killing treatments that make other products look weak in comparison.

These are used for exterminating large numbers of fleas in one go and are perfect for getting rid of serious infestations around your home.

Cover anything you don’t want to get the pesticides on and place the flea bomb also known as a flea fogger in the middle of the room and set off.

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Flea trap

The flea trap is another interesting product in the fight to get rid of fleas from your home.

The disposable sheets lure and catch larvae and fleas from furniture, floors and carpets using colour and light patterns.

Just place the sheet in the infected room and watch as the flea trap does its job, once full dispose replace with a new sheet.

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A clean home

You are wasting your time and money on flea treatments if you don’t keep a clean home, if you don’t the flea infestation might come back.

So vacuum carpets, floors and your furniture daily, wash bedding, blankets and other items that could have been in contact with any of your pets.