Flea collar for cats and dogsThe use of flea collars as a flea treatment has been around for many years but because of all the latest treatments that are available nowadays you don’t often hear about using a collar as a way to treat fleas.
There have been concerns in the past that a flea collar is not good for your cat or dogs health but by using an organic flea collar you can reduce these problems.

Once fitted to your pet they are a great alternative to flea drops or other treatment that prevent fleas attacking and they last longer.You can buy flea collars that do not kill fleas but prevents fleas attacking in the first place, these emit gases that repel the pests, look for products that say “repels fleas” or “wards off pests”.

Or you can buy collars where medication seeps into your pets skin or spreads using the natural oil in your pets skin, these will kill the fleas on contact, look for products that have the word “kill” somewhere in the description.

So check the product carefully to see which one is right for your pet.

You can try using a collar if other treatments haven’t worked or you can use one as your first approach, many people swear by them and have had great success using one, the choice is yours.

What I say is if it doesn’t harm you or your pet give it a go, you have nothing to loose in trying a different approach.

As I have said there are flea collars that only prevents flea attacks and is not made to kill them so even if you have completely wiped out a flea infestation in your home your pet could start the whole cycle off again by bringing fleas back into your house if your pet is not protected so you need keep the flea collar on to prevent this happening and even better use a collar that kills the fleas in the first place.

Using a flea collar to prevent fleas on your pets

There are lots of treatments designed to kill fleas as well as preventing them to reproduce.

A flea collar stops fleas from catching a ride on your pet and then bringing them into your home.

Fleas are known to attack in the summer months so you can be sure that your poor pet is going to get attached at some point if you don’t do anything to prevent it happening.

If you let your pet bring in fleas before long your home will become infested and you will find it a lot harder to get rid of them, it is much better to stop this happening in the first place.

I’m not saying that flea collars are a 100% guarantee that your pet wont get fleas or bring them into your house but it does improve the odds.

There are two different types of flea collar, one is organic and the other uses ingredients that are more poisonous, organic flea collars might not be as effective as poisonous ones but they are safer for your pets health.

Flea collars are available for dogs and cats and although they are different products they both do the same job.

You can also get collars that prevent ticks as well as fleas, if this is the type you require read the description to make sure the product is the right one to buy

If your cat or dog is not used to wearing a normal collar you might have problems with them using a flea collar even though its for there benefit.

Give it a try and if they don’t take to it you might have to try a different treatment like flea drops.

Why should you use flea collars

Very easy to use, all you need to do is place it around your pets neck.

Long lasting protection, up to 8 months in some cases.

Cheap to buy.

Depending on collar can kill fleas as well as preventing them attacking in the first place.

Can be safe and non toxic.

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