flea bombNo we’re not going to blow up your home just to get rid of fleas. Flea bombs are an effective way of getting rid of fleas in your entire house.

They are designed in such a way that they kill a large population of fleas in a contained area.

When you are suffering a serious flea infestation in your home and you have tried all the other flea treatments, vacuumed your home daily, treated your pets with flea drops and other treatments and you still cant get rid of the fleas it could be time to use a flea bomb also known as flea foggers.

Are you fed up struggling to get rid of every last one of those pesky fleas and the eggs they produce as they spread throughout your home.

Flea bombs provide a fast way to eliminate living fleas in your home (but not on your pet) and could be the solution you are looking for, for pet treatments we have other articles on this site for you to read.

There are many lots of different types of flea bombs so you need to read the instructions on each product for how to use which you must follow step by step but we have included a general guide below on how to use a flea bomb.

How to use flea bombs

Although using a flea bomb is easy you do have a lot of preparing to do before you trigger the device.

You need to cover everything that you don’t want the pesticide to make a contact with. Put all your dishes and food away and seal everything, if you have fish in your house or small pets these will have to be protected.

Move furniture on to a hard floor if possible so the pesticide can get to all the carpets.

Open doors and drawers to cupboards and cabinets.

Turn of all electrical appliance and lights as the chemicals used could be flammable, also extinguish pilot lights in boilers, cookers and gas fires.

Close all windows.

Once you have prepared your home and placed the flea bomb of the right size for the area to be bombed its time to set it off.

Once triggered you must leave the house with your pets for several hours allowing the bomb to do its job.

Flea bombs fill your home with poison which will effect every exposed surface killing fleas as it goes.

After waiting the prescribed time it should be safe to go back into the house as the poison should have disappeared leaving you with a flea free home.

One point to add, some bombs only get rid of living fleas so its worth reading the pack to check if it stops the complete life cycle so eliminating the fleas for good.

Once back in your house you need to clean all the surfaces especially the ones that you will be preparing food on and remember you are dealing with a poisonous substance so use your common sense and you should be fine.

Vacuum your carpets to pick up dead fleas and mop your floors.

Open the windows to reduce the odours and ventilate your home.

If you use a flea bomb that only kills living fleas be prepared to do multiple treatments as a few weeks later the eggs that were not killed will hatch.

Why you should use a flea bomb

If you have tried everything and you still have fleas.

Provides up to 30 weeks of protection.

Gets into all parts of your home.

Affordable and quick way of getting rid of fleas.

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