flea bite on humanFlea bites can be very itchy and uncomfortable as well as being harmful. If you have been bitten by an insect you may find it hard to distinguish which insect has bitten you. If you suspect you have a flea bite the next step is to identify the bite so that you know which treatment to use. Using the flea bite pictures below will help you to identify if you have a bite from a flea. Usually bites are found on the lower part of the leg but can occur on other parts of the body. The bites show up as red lumps on the skin usually in clusters.


flea bit on foot


Fleas usually bite the feet first as seen in this picture, they come from the carpets and it’s the first part of the body they come in contact with and an easy target.





flea bites on leg


After attacking your feet they move up the leg.





flea bites on arm


If you handle and stroke your pet you are likely to get bites on your arms.





flea bites on body


Bites on the body are more likely to come from furniture and beds especially if your pets climb on your furniture and sleep on your bed.






If you believe you are experiencing a flea bite after looking at these images you now know how to treat it, if you are still not sure you should ask your doctor to have a look.